Multidisciplinary Team of Experts

So far, in developed countries, most of treatments on malignant tumors will get support of a multidisciplinary team of experts. Here in MCHG, we also use the concept of MDT to treat cancer patients of middle or advanced stages.

In MCHG, each of our patients will have a professional team consisting of multidisciplinary experts to follow the whole process of diagnosing, treating and nursing. Our MDT group will include doctors and nurses of various departments such as oncology treatment, pathological diagnosis, pain management, rehabilitation care, etc.

They work together, have conference regularly, go rounds of wards everyday, discuss and determine their patients’ treatment plans seriously… All what they do is to try their best to give the patients appropriate and perfect treatment.

Multidisciplinary Team of Experts

List of Our Experts

In MCHG, our experts have unique specialties in cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment, as well as rich clinical experience.In this page, we list part of our experts team, which enables you to know them well and find your proper doctor soon.

Dr. Peng Xiaochi

Dr. Peng Xiaochi

Director of Department of Oncology
Chief Physician


Every time I received thank you letters from patients, I feel lucky working at the Oncology Department because precious lives are saved.

Dr. Liu Lvguang

Liu Lvguang

Professor, Master Tutor

Dr. Ke Liqun

Ke Liqun

Chief Physician

Dr. Dai Wenyan

Dai Wenyan

Attending Doctor

Dr. Ma Xiaoying

Ma Xiaoying

Associate chief physician

Dr. Huang Deliang

Huang Deliang

Associate Chief Physician

Dr. Bai Haishan

Bai Haishan

Director of Minimally Invasive Therapy Department

Dr. Hu Ying

Hu Ying

Attending Doctor

Dr. Zhang Dechun

Zhang Dechun

Associate Chief Physician

Dr. Hu Xiliu

Hu Xiliu

Senior Attending Physician

Dr. Li Yuanzhong

Li Yuanzhong

Chief Medical Consultant

Dr. Pang Anneng

Pang Anneng


Dr. Yao Zhongping

Yao Zhongping


Dr. Wan Youhua

Wan Youhua

Director of Clinical Laboratory

Dr. Jiao Yan

Jiao Yan

Associate Chief Physician; Director of Surgical Department

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