Preoperative Diet Tips for Patients with Breast Cancer

Human body absorbs various food nutrients from diet, transforming into essence, Qi, blood as well as body fluid and humor, etc, so as to maintain normal life activities. Reasonable diets for patients with breast cancer play a supporting role for the treatment, especially before operation, patients and their families need to know the relevant dietary notice. With improper diet, it will influence the effect of operation. A reasonable regulation of preoperative diet for patients with breast cancer can promote the smoothly undergoing of treatment and also lay a foundation for postoperative recovery.

The first Dietary Tip

Taking carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can provide sufficient heat energy for patients to reduce the consumption of protein, preventing hypoglycemia and also protecting liver cells from damage by anesthetic. In addition, carbohydrates can also strengthen body’s resistance, increase heat energy, so as to make up for the heat consumption caused by insufficient food intake after operation.

The Second Dietary Tip

Taking high-protein food. Patients with breast cancer must have adequate intake of protein, because deficient intake of protein can cause nutritional edema, which is harmful to postoperative wound healing and recovery. High-protein diet can relieve excessive over consumption of protein caused by certain diseases, reducing the postoperative complications so as to boost recovery of patients with breast cancer as soon as possible.

The Third Dietary Tip

Taking food rich in vitamins. Vitamin A can promote tissue regeneration and wound healing. Vitamin K is primarily involved in the coagulation process and can reduce hemorrhage during and after operation. Deficiency of Vitamin B can cause metabolic disorders and affect wound healing; vitamin C can reduce capillary permeability, reduce bleeding, promote tissue regeneration and wound healing. Therefore, patients with breast cancer must eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins or take vitamin tablets.

What Points Patients with Breast cancer should Pay Attention to?

Diet should adjust in accordance with treatment, patients with breast cancer should try to dine and supplement nutrition before and after operation. During radiotherapy, patients should eat light and palatable diet, while greasy and highly seasoned food should not be eaten too much.

After finished the treatment plan, patients with breast cancer should properly choose food that is good for preventing the reoccurrence of breast cancer. The following is the recommended food for the patients:

Seafood: jellyfish, sea cucumber, seaweed, kelp, mussels, oysters, etc.

Bean: mung bean, red bean, mungbean sprouts and others.

Vegetables: taro, water chestnut, water bamboo, Chinese watermelon, dried mushroom, hericium erinaceus, mushroom, tomato, etc.

Fruit: orange, apple hawthorn, fresh kiwi, etc.

Others: soft-shelled turtle, snakehead, Coix Seed, jelly fungus.

Traditional Chinese medicine has recognized for long that foods can not only supply nutrition, but also can play a role in treating diseases. Now, many hospitals ignore their patients' dietary care, while Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou provides specialized dieticians to design unique nutritional recipe, based on every patient's medical condition and taste, which can effectively help patients consolidate their treatment and improve their health.

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