Fathur Rahman Bin Oemar Said: There Is Always One Path that Allah Prepared for You

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I am Fathur Rahman Bin Oemar Said and I come from Indonesia. In 1992 I was diagnosed with a lump in my face and I had some treatment, however, in 1998, it became parotid gland cancer. When I heard the news, I felt my life suddenly fall into darkness, as if the doomsday was coming. I couldn’t understand why Allah is so cruel to me?

While I lost my health, my business also came to a standstill because there was something wrong with my finance, yet I failed to get back the unpaid purchases. All of a sudden I lost everything. However, I was still searching for the best way to treat my disease, although I was short of money and I was quite down in spirit.

I had totally four surgeries in Indonesia to remove the tumor, but in 1998 it grew again. Then I met some medical professors in Medan and tried all possible means, such as surgery, chemo and radiation, but none worked. As tumor got bigger and bigger, I was very confused, I asked my doctor: Why there is not any improvement after so many times of radiotherapy? Is there any other therapy for me?

What I didn’t expect was that my doctor just said to me that there was no need for further treatment anymore, and all I could do was waiting for the death. Therefore, in 2003 when tumor recurred again, I didn’t go for any treatment because even doctors have gave up on me.

With neither hospital in Indonesia could treat me nor money for new treatment abroad, I had to wait for the arrival of death at home lonely. Before that doomsday came, I could do nothing except pray. I am a Moslem, I believe Allah will help me and point out a way for me.

Just as expected, one day in 2007 when I read newspaper, I noticed Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou. I felt it was an opportunity for me, but still I didn’t hold much hope since all professors in Indonesia said there was no cure. At that time, a miracle happened, all of my friends turned out to help me, especially for the medical cost. By the time I came to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, I have already been unable to move my head, because tumor has grown to the size of five fingers. It hurts like a galvanic shock.

Therefore, after admission, I talked with Pro. Zheng. I said: Doctor, please help me cut the tumor out. And he said: Take your time. We have many other treatments better than surgery. Two days later, I was advised to have cryotherapy.

The treatment only took me about thirty minutes. There was neither pain nor any feeling of discomfort during the process. Maybe because I had undergone too many times of chemo and radiotherapy, I felt that the muscle in my face was numb, and the cheeks became hollow pits. Right after the treatment finished, I felt it was hard to open my eyes, and I had to hold my facial muscles to speak. But in just three days I felt all the discomfort was gone. I was so relaxed that I even knocked around in Guangzhou by myself. About 10 days later, I received 125I seed implantation. Again no discomfort was felt, except a little bit of pain when doctor gave me the anesthesia. After that treatment I went back to Indonesia. In only one month I saw big changes: I could move my head by myself. In the following year, I received several times of immunotherapy before I had a photodynamic therapy. My tumor began to shrink after this therapy. Another one year past, my face finally restored to normal.

In 2011 when I came back to the hospital for recheck, I was told that I have completely defeated my cancer. “Congratulations. You’ve made a full recovery. Just enjoy a holiday this time!” said my doctor excitedly.

Now I come to Guangzhou again. This time I bring my friend here for treatment, while I will enjoy a trip. I have to admit that when doctors in Indonesia told me that I only had 3-6 months to live, I was really afraid of death. But now, I am not scared, because I know there will always be one treatment for each kind of disease. If you get cancer, don’t worry, because there must be a cure for it. You have to believe, that Allah will help you, and there is always a path that Allah prepared for you.

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