Arrange Your Visit to MCHG

Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou (MCHG) has set up a program of visiting procedures for the international patients. In this section, we will guide you to arrange your visit in detailed procedures. Learn more about the involved steps in the following.

Take the Next Step of Your Visit

The best way to learn more about our Visiting Program is contact us soon. Here we will guide you every step of the way:

Step 1: Chat with our Oncology Consultants online and discuss your options.

Our Oncology Consultants are available at 8:30am~23:59pm( Beijing Time) every day of the year. If you have any inquiries at 24:00am~8:30am, please don’t hesitate to leave a message to us online. Our consultants will reply to you as soon as they get to work. They will always sincerely listen, answer your questions, and help you decide whether MCHG is suitable for your choice. Chat With Us Online or Leave Us A Message Online now.

Step 2: Scheduling an appointment to our overseas offices.

After contact with our oncology consultants, they will get the basic information of your current condition. Afterwards, the consultant will help you make an appointment to our overseas offices in your country. We have international oncology experts in every overseas offices. You can consult with the expert for free and get a primary diagnosis from the international experts.

Step 3: Prepare for your visit to MCHG.

For your first visit to Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, our doctors will need to review any tests, procedures, or treatments that you have had.

Step 4: Traveling to MCHG.

From the first moment you contact us, we will do all that we can to ensure your treatment is as convenient and stress-free as possible. We provide free airport shuttle service for each of our patients and their family members. We are always ready to take care of every details of your visit and make your traveling here easy. Please Click Here to see the transportation plans we’ve made for you.

Step 5: Joint Clinical Consultation and Evaluation.

As soon as you arrive at MCHG, our MDT group will review your medical records and healthy history, and perform a complete medical examination for you. After that,they will begin a joint clinical consultation and evaluation, while you may also consult with various members of your care team. Generally it will take 3-5 days from your arrival here until you get a comprehensive treatment plan, tailored to your needs, in place. Click Here to know more about our MDT Group.

Step 6: Starting Treatment.

Once you get your treatment plan your oncologists decide for you, they will explain it for you in details. Any treatment plan will be determined after discussing your options, that is, it’s up to you whether to start treatment. Only if we get your approval, will the doctors begin to arrange your treatment. Here in MCHG, you will always get integrative multidisciplinary treatment and individualized treatment plans from our MDT group. Click Here to know more about our treatment approaches and technologies.

Step 7: Traveling home.

Before you discharge from our hospital, we will again help you with booking air tickets, assuring your medical insurance or other requirements on medical treatment. When you leave, we will also have free shuttle bus to send you to the airport. We will take care of you all the time while you are in China.

Step8: Follow-up services.

After you go back to your home, our staffs in overseas offices will follow up your conditions through directly visiting, sending emails or making telephone calls, as well as providing related medical services. Before your return visit, they will remind you of the appointment time and how to prepare for your return visit.

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