What is Biological Immunotherapy?

Biological Immunotherapy is a kind of tumor biotherapies. It kills and wounds tumors directly or induces the anti-tumor immunoreaction of the body via transfusing immunocyte with antitumor activity into patients.

Why Immunotherapy is need?

Cancer is caused by external factors and internal factors.External factors of cancer are those that not generating from human body, they generate from factors such asenvironment pollution, etc. Why in the same carcinogenetic environment, minorities are easily attacked by cancer, but majorities are not? The most important cause is owing to the decrease of people’s immune function combating with cancer cells, which is meanwhile the internal cause of cancer. Generally speaking, the time for cancer developing from a single cancer cell into an evident lump takes 2 to 10 years. Whether a single cancer cell can develop into a cancer lump, whether metastasis will happen and how fast it will be all depend on human body’s immune function.

Biological Immunotherapy

The treatment principle of Immunotherapy

Immune system is functioned mainly depending on immune antibody and immunocyte. Immunocyte, as human body’s health guard, is ready to fight against cancer cells and to kill them at any time. Generally, cancer patients have a low immunity; immunocyte in their blood are insufficient in fighting against cancer cells' development, which resulted in the unceasing multiplying and spreading. Immunotherapy effects by increasing immunocyte amount to restore and increase human immune function, and to strengthen human body’s immunity to cancer.Therefore, Immunotherapy has many positive meanings in maintaining therapeutic efficacy, preventing from,delaying and reducing possibilities of relapse and metastasis.

What are the advantages ?

Immunotherapy is a therapy of using patient’s own immunity to resist and combat against cancer cell. Although have been cloned and propagated in lab, the immunocytes are still patients’ own cell, because it came from patients themselves. So it will not result in reject reaction; therefore, it is the safest treatment, with fewer side effects.That is to say, Immunotherapy can be applied no matter the physical status of patient is strong or weak. For those who are receiving treatment, Immunotherapy can reinforce therapeutic efficacy; for those who are in a status of post treatment, Immunotherapy can reduce or delay the possibility of relapse or metastasis.

How Immunotherapy performed?

Generally speaking, procedures of Immunotherapy is supposed to be: first, give patient injection to increase immunocyte amount in blood; next, draw some blood sample from the patient, and then, send it to a special laboratory where immunocyte in slight amount will be separated out for clonal propagation. About 10 days later,larger amount of immunocyte (such as DC cell) will be cultured and then transfused back into patient's body, so that patient's immunity can be strengthened by increasing immunocytes amount (increasing human body guard )directly.

Types of Immunotherapy

1、 Cytokin Inductive Killer Cell Therapy (CIK)

Cytokin Inductive Killer Cell Therapy

CIK is accomplished by culturing peripheral blood mononuclear cell together with varied cytokine in vitro for a certain period of time to get T-lymphocyte, who unites the powerful antitumor activity of T-lymphocyte and the MHC nonrestrictive cytotoxicity of NK cell. Benefits:

  • Rapid multiplication rate;
  • High cytotoxicity and can be used in a wide rang;
  • No toxic effect on normal cells.

2、Natural Killer Cell Therapy(NK)

NK cell plays an important role during immune surveillance and early stage of anti- infectious immunity. It stems from hematopoietic cell, but does not depend on antigenic stimulation, so that it can kill and wound tumor cell and viral infected target cell directly. Benefits:

  • Broad - spectrum cytotoxicity;
  • Regulate immunity, kill and wound tumor cells;
  • Slight side effect and mild rejection reaction.

3、DC-CIK Cell Therapy

Together culturing of DC carrying tumor antigen and CIK cells cultured by auto peripheral lymphocyte produces cells with immune effect, which will contribute to a therapeutic effectiveness of "1+1>2" and improve the multiplication capacity and killer activity of CIK cells by joint application of them.Benefits:

  • It is suitable for treating varied kinds of tumors;
  • It has high speciality and will not do harm to normal tissue;
  • It is high safety with mild side effect.

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