Cancer Prevention

Studies show that many cancers are caused by unhealthy lifestyles. How to prevent cancer in our daily life? Here, we are going to offer some basic knowledge about cancer prevention to help you get away from cancer.

Benefits of vinegar intake

The topic today is “benefits of vinegar intake”. Vinegar contains many nutritional ingredients indispensable in metabolism of human body, such as glucose, 18 kinds of amino acid from synthetic protein, and rich mineral elements like calcium, ferrum and phos

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Sweet potato’s secret

The topic today is sweet potato’s secret. Although common sweet potato can be found everywhere, it is treated as anti-cancer hero.

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The topic today is yoghourt. Yoghourt full of nutrition is suitable for all ages. Yoghourt can not only adjust gastrointestinal functions, but also improve immunity, lower cholesterol and prevent osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease among the elderly.

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Five colored vegetables and fruits

The topic today is five colored vegetables and fruits.

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Breast Cancer Prevention, Start From Yourself

Focusing on female breast health, St. Stamford Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou specially holds free a public benefit activity to remind women to pay attention to breast health and breast cancer prevention.

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