Cancer Prevention

Studies show that many cancers are caused by unhealthy lifestyles. How to prevent cancer in our daily life? Here, we are going to offer some basic knowledge about cancer prevention to help you get away from cancer.

Stomach cancer diet

Stomach cancer treatment, which may include surgery to remove some or all of the stomach, often affects patients’ appetites and the way they digest food. Many patients may experience a poor appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, and feeling full early, which ca

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Stomach Cancer Risk & Prevention Information

It is estimated that 1 million new cases are diagnosed in the world each year, and more than 723,000 deaths occur annually. In recent years, some types of stomach cancer have declined, while other types – more difficult to detect early and more deadly – are

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Keep seven things in mind to prevent stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is a common life-threatening cancer of the digestive tract. Study has proved that incidence of stomach cancer is probably related with dietary habits and other stomach diseases. Understanding of stomach cancer prevention is very important. Seven

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Four Suggestions Protect You from Stomach Cancer

Fast-paced modern life has been constantly hurting people’s stomach and the gastric (stomach) cancer specialist from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou points out that stomach cancer is 30% treated while 70% nourished, so a reasonable diet structure is the basi

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Is Surgical Resection A Preferred Choice for Nasopharyngeal Cancer?

As 70% -80% of patients with nasopharyngeal cancer are already diagnosed as advanced stage, with cervical lymph node metastasis, while nose and pharynx are in special location, which make it difficult to carry out surgical treatment. Combination of TC

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